Mercedes Coach Style Sprinter for up to 14 Guests, with 6 Hour Minimum everyday at $105/Hr.

De la USD 105,00 $
  • Durata: 6 Ore (aprox.)
  • Cod produs: CS11

For up to 14 guests in a fully insured Mercedes Coach Style Sprinter.

$105/Hr. with a 6 Hour Minimum, everyday.

$89/Hr. Cash discount after booking the 1st Hour online.

There is a Daily Fee, for the use of all vehicles.  The full itinerary is needed to set the Fee.

There is no tip included. 
A gratuity for your driver is appreciated and totally at your discretion.

Just make a 1 Hour Deposit, Per Day.

Everything else is due and payable at the end of the service. 

Or, to verify availability. By clinking on this link and Completely filling out the form on our Contact Us Page.

*We do not use a "Built In Gratuity" here. A gratuity for your driver
is appreciated and totally at your discretion.

**Depending on availability, through a Confirmed Booking Email.**

They come to you and take you when and where you want to go. 

Be it: 

Wine Tasting, Sightseeing, Dinner Out or just a night out of Clubbing.  

They drive, so you stay safe and have fun. All are experienced and safe,
professional and courteous drivers.

Generally it is with a 6 Hour Minimum Service Time.  Variations can be
made. If there is availability for them?


Cancellation Policy:

*Any cancellation must be by Written Notice.*

***A 7 Day Notice for a full refund is required.***

**For a cancellation within 7 days, but 4 days before trip.

You will be billed at 50% of that date's balance.**

*For a cancellation inside 4 Days/96 Hours.

You will be billed at 100% of that date's balance.*